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BigWPay technology was bred to adapt to the needs of the user. Fully licensed and based in Cyprus, this is the payment gateway every European merchant needs.

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Welcome to the new era of online payments.

Welcome to BigWallet Payments.

Accepting payments is no longer a problem, but a competitive advantage. Whether you’re looking to service your online shop, or open the doors of international markets, BigWPay technology is the way to go.

One Platform


We live up to the highest security standards by being compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard(PCI-DSS)


SIMPLE API, with rich, robust and intelligent features, that empower your business. Have a look.


One integration for total control, visibility and management of your transactions.

Instant Bank Transfers
Instant Bank Transfers

We work with leading providers of instant bank transfers across Europe.

Card Acquirers
Card Acquirers

BigWallet Payments supports over 20 different acquirers and card processors.


We are a licensed Payment Institution, supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

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Reach the world with BigWallet Payments

Reach new customers through our vast network of global payment processors as well as local and alternative payment methods.

We sit at the core of your business to help ensure your customers can pay with their debit and credit card as well as their locally preferred payment methods such as local bank transfers or prepaid vouchers.

We have a wealth of industry knowledge and can assist you in selecting the best and most relevant payment methods to achieve your goals.

Reach the world with BigWallet Payments
Exceed Expectations

Exceed expectations

Paying is the final step a customer takes. It's important that the experience is smooth and simple on all devices and platforms.

At the same time, we value stability and security above all. That's why our platform was build to be highly secure, with full PCI-DSS compliance, backed by a high-uptime SLA.

Real Time Reporting

Stay informed at all times with real-time reporting. Our platform delivers unprecedented transaction accuracy.

Stay up to date with the flow of funds through your account. Anytime, anyplace and on any device.

Real Time Reporting

One Integration

Our API is built in line to handle the latest requirements and expectations.

Integration is usually a quick and painless process, whether you want to use our Hosted Payments Pages, our advanced Cashier solution, or prefer to connect to us Server-To-Server. We have the team and experience to help you set it up!

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Work with BigWallet Payments

We look forward to working with your business.

Whether you are a start-up, have been live for a couple of years, or are a mature organisation based in Europe, BigWallet Payments is here for you.

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