25th November 2019

The Road to SiGMA Europe: An interview with Gleb Chernov, BigWallet Payments VP for Business Development

Gleb Chernov is the VP for Business Development at BigWallet Payments. He is responsible for strategic partnerships and growth of the brand. This week, Gleb will be attending SiGMA Europe ‘19, the iGaming conference in Malta. 

Sigma is one of the biggest iGaming events. Was BigWallet Payments solution specially developed with this industry in mind?

We didn’t focus on any particular industry while developing our payment solution. What we aimed for was creating a robust payment ecosystem that meets the needs of a business in any industry. It’s true however that BigWallet Payments is perfect for the iGaming industry. We meet the needs of merchants with the reliability of our payment solution and proven 99.99% up-time. 

What are the fees for BigWallet Payments merchants?

Our processing fees start from as low as 1.3% and depend on multiple factors of a business and potential partnership. We work with merchants to tailor the offering and additional services to their unique needs.

What additional services are we talking about?

Multiple alternative payment methods, advanced client verification and identification services that allow every merchant regardless of the business type they operate in, to meet their compliance and fraud prevention needs.

BigWallet Payments customers also benefit from our fail-over chains (enabling multiple transaction success attempts through the use of smart routing). Our standard offering includes a convenient single interface to manage PSPs, settlement calendar,  advanced real-time reporting tools, and dedicated account management.

What makes BigWallet Payments unique? After all, there are a lot of good payment service providers out there, so why should a business consider switching to BigWallet Payments?

What sets BigWallet Payments apart is a comprehensive and scalable ecosystem. We offer a full range of services, which includes Merchant Accounts, Global Acquiring, Conversion booster (Cashier), Global Payouts, Payment Gateway, Settlement Layer, and eCommerce services. More importantly, we keep developing our in-house technology and, potentially, the service offering.

BigWallet Payments is part of Axios Holding, a FinTech incubator fathering a comprehensive set of solutions. We are working on introducing new services, including those with cryptocurrencies. So if a business is looking for a long-term scalable online payment solution, we tick all boxes. Last but not least, we aim to maintain a personalized, “boutique” approach to every client and address their needs individually no matter how much we grow. Excellent customer service can make or break a great partnership, so we take it very seriously.

Want to schedule a meeting with Gleb Chernov? Please use contact form here or email info@bigwpay.com