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The Cashier is one of the most practical, convenient and useful products you can add to your business arsenal. Plug it in to your website or CRM and you immediately have total control, visibility and management of your transactions. The Cashier packs in an impressive array of features that will enable your online transactions to run smoothly.

Payment Cashier

BigWallet Payments Cashier Top Features:

Dynamic Transaction Routing

Also known as “cascading”, this feature solves the ‘declined credit card’ problem. Once a card is declined, the system automatically redirects and reroutes the payment until it goes through. That immediately boosts your conversion rate and solves a major headache.

Routing Rulesets

This feature grants you the luxury of managing payments by applying different filters. Set the desired amount, card brand, customer profile, payment method or region, and the transaction will be directed to the appropriate PSP.

Settlement Calendar

Get a bird’s eye view of all your transactions and settlements through the calendar mode. By doing so you can organize and plan your next move as you now have a comprehensive and accurate picture. Couple it with seamless user experience and design, the ability to manage multiple brands and detailed reporting and what you get is a tool that addresses multiple areas of the online payment process at once.

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Cashier Top Features

Why Cashier


One-stop-shop to manage all your payments


Detailed reporting for all our brands, PSPs and transactions


Highly customisable to match your business process


Seamless user experience


Most accurate bank database


Frequent upgrades with new features