29th April 2020

BigWPay Launches its Merchant Referral Program

If ever there was a time to join the BigWPay Merchant Referral Program, that time is now! The Coronavirus outbreak has significantly upped the need for trustworthy online payment processes. Not only are people conducting their purchases remotely due to the virus, but logic dictates that even when the virus subsides, the urge for cashless commerce will prevail. 

Online Payments Will Be The New Normal

In a recent article by The Economist, the cashless future we are referring to, does not appear to be a figment of the imagination, but a worldwide initiative that has been set in motion. 

Central banks such as the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank and the Swedish Riksbank have started to assess the feasibility of digital central bank currencies. These would perform all the functions of banknotes and coins and could then be used by households and businesses to make both payments and savings.”

In a world poised for such a seismic shift, the opportunity that arises is clear. 

This Could Be Your Opportunity 

Businesses that saw online payments as a luxury, as a tool that was nice but not necessary to have, will be forced to rethink their approach. Finding the right service provider will be crucial to the survival of businesses going forward. This is where you come in. By introducing BigWPay to interested merchants, you not only pair a business in demand with the right supply, but you create an additional revenue stream for yourself. 

How It Works

The process is even simpler than the idea. What you have to do is simply bring the interested parties to us, and we take care of the rest. Our platform has been specifically designed to smoothen the onboarding process and make the merchant’s life easy. 

The paperwork and due diligence happens fast and easy, without the need for your contribution. Our team and top-of-the-range technology take care of everything as soon as the merchant comes into contact. 

Now when it comes to your contribution and compensation, our process is transparent and straightforward. You will be able to have visibility and detailed reporting of the commissions you’re entitled to, depending on the performance of your referrals. 

A Partner You Can Rely On

Our Merchant Referral Program is based on the values of trust, credibility and transparency. We want to provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed. We have gone to great lengths in ensuring the credibility of our product and services in order to give you a pitch merchants can’t resist. We are  PCI-DSS compliant and fully regulated with our technology providing the latest, most advanced solutions in the market. 
We can’t wait to have you on-board. Sign up to the Program here!