28th February 2020

BigWPay and PayRetailers Partnership: Why Does it Matter?

As we mentioned in our press release, we are very excited to announce, once again, our partnership with PayRetailers. But why does it matter so much? And as a business based in Europe and relying on a payment gateway, you might think: “What’s in it for me?” A lot, to be honest!

This partnership will give merchants in Europe the ability to accept payments from South America, expand their business, and potentially increase their profits.

Unlike Europe, cash is still king in Latin America, and many consumers prefer to use this payment method.

Interestingly, while the majority of citizens do have a bank account, they do not have international debit and credit cards. Instead, they visit special collection points which also include online orders and pay for them in cash.

BigWPay’s collaboration with PayRetailers aims to help European businesses “take over” Latin America, by providing your potential customers with a selection of local payment methods, including cash.

This way, you are not only targeting a bigger customer base outside Europe, but you are also making it easier for them to make purchases by offering them payment methods they are familiar with.

BigWPay is now able to support 100+ of payment methods in Latin America with the expertise of PayRetailers.

With this partnership, the merchants using BigWallet Payments will be able to accept all local payment methods from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

With the support of the variety of local cash payment solutions by PayRetailers and BigWPay, European merchants are now given the opportunity to tap into the potential of the vastly cash-based economies of Latin American countries. Additionally, businesses will be offered competitive fees and high-level support as they expand their business.

This partnership with PayRetailers puts us in a unique position to help European businesses accept payments from the Latin American customer. This region has a lot of potential, yet, it takes a reliable partner with the local expertise to enter it. While we have been enabling payments through credit cards, major eWallets, and Apple & Samsung Pay, it takes more than that to make it in the Latin American market.”

PayRetailers CEO Juan Pablo Jutgla also stated: “Today, Latin American countries are bustling markets, however, most of them remain cash-based economies. This comes as a surprise for many foreign merchants as they look into expanding their business into the region. As a leader in payment processing for Latin America, we support over 100 local payment methods, including a variety of online bank transfers. As we join forces with BigWallet Payments, we look forward to serving even more European merchants and handling their mass payments from the Latin American countries’.

If you’re considering to expand your business in Latin America, you can learn more by clicking here,  or contact us directly!

With the help of BigWPay and PayRetailers, your business could soon “take over” the South American market. J